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Best Bread Alternatives for Keto and Low-Carb Diet

Looking for some tasty bread alternatives for keto that’ll actually make your low-carb lifestyle more enjoyable? 

I know what it’s like to miss that blissful taste of crusty, carb-loaded bread while on a low-carb diet. After all, bread is one of those staple foods that is so hard to kick out of our daily routines. 

But with the right low-carb alternatives, you can still enjoy everything from sandwiches and wraps to pizza and breadcrumb toppings without compromising your ketogenic diet.

Sure, nothing can take the place of bread completely, but these low-carb bread substitutes come pretty darn close. Plus, I’ll throw in some of my favorite recipes that use these alternatives for you to try out! 

Keto tortillas on a white cloth for keto tortilla recipe.

What Makes a Good Low Carb Bread Replacement?

When considering a low carb alternative to bread, it’s important to understand what makes bread so high in carbs. Generally, bread is made from wheat flour, which is high in carbohydrates since it’s a grain. It also contains yeastsugar, and other additives that can spike blood sugar levels. 

In that case, you want to look for low carb bread substitutes that are low in net grams of carbs, grain-free, and don’t contain added sugars or preservatives. 

Gluten-free breads may initially seem like a good option, but they often contain high amounts of carbs and other additives to mimic the texture of traditional bread. You also want to be careful of this when it comes to certain keto bread brands, as they may be low in carbs, but could still contain unnecessary additives, and are not always gluten free. But that’s just something I personally like to avoid, as I prefer to stick to whole, natural ingredients as much as possible on a low-carb diet.

Whatever low carb alternatives you choose, I encourage you to think about the health benefits and quality of ingredients rather than just focusing on the carb count. Like many things on the shelves in our grocery stores, food labels and marketing can be misleading. So always be sure to read the ingredient list and nutrition facts to make an informed decision.

My 7 Favorite keto Bread Alternatives

Now that you know what I factor in when choosing a low carb bread replacement, let me share some of my top keto bread alternatives with you. These options are not only low-carb but delicious and good for you. Let’s check them out.

1. Bell Peppers

Bell peppers make an excellent low-carb alternative to bread, especially for sandwiches or burgers. They’re delicious, crunchy vessels that perfectly hold all your favorite toppings without adding any extra carbs. According to Healthline, they’re also rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making for a healthier option than regular bread.

Simply cut off the top and bottom of a bell pepper, remove the seeds, and slice it in half horizontally. Then fill it with your desired sandwich or burger fillings, and you’re good to go! 

My favorite recipes using bell peppers as bread are this Low-Carb Bell Pepper Sandwich and Cheese Stuffed Peppers. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! 

A serving of low-carb bell pepper sandiwch on a patterned plate with sides and seasoning.

2. Lettuce Wraps

Another great option found in the product section, lettuce wraps are a versatile leafy green that works well with any filling and adds an extra crunch to your meal. Plus, it’s almost entirely carb-free!

I like to use either butter lettuce or romaine lettuce leaves for anything from burgers, wraps, or tacos. Check out my Keto Lettuce Wraps (Shrimp Louie Style) and Taco Tuna Lettuce Wraps for some tasty inspiration.

3.Low-Carb Tortillas

I couldn’t go through this list without mentioning low-carb tortillas. While there are several store-bought options available today, not all of them are gluten free and many of them include other additives that aren’t necessarily good for you.

That’s why I love making my own! My Kaizen low-carb lupin flour tortillas are seriously a game-changer. Lupin flour is a keto flour made from lupini beans. Compared to other nut flours like almond flour, lupin flour has fewer net carbs, and much more protein and fiber per serving.

Kaizen lupin flour contains a whopping 12 grams of protein and only 1 gram of net carbs, and when used in my flawless Keto Tortilla Recipe, you’ll have the perfect vehicle for all your favorite fillings. These tortillas are soft, pliable, and my top low-carb option for all things tortilla-related. And yes, they are ridiculously easy to make too!

Here are a couple of delicious recipes that use my Kaizen low-carb tortillas:

4.Lupin Flour Pizza Crust

You heard that right. My Kaizen Lupin flour can also be used for making pizza crust. It creates that perfect bread-like texture that actually holds up to your favorite toppings without falling apart or tasting like a bland, cardboard-like crust. 

Check out my recipe for Lupin Flour Pizza Crust (Low Carb, High Protein) to finally enjoy pizza night again without breaking your macros. And like all of my recipes, you can trust that it’s easy and delicious.

Kaizen Lupin flour is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of recipes, from savory to sweet. Some other ideas for using lupin flour include breakfast staples like pancakes and waffles!

A serving of lupin flour pizza crust with toppings and sauce.

5. Nori Sheets

Craving sushi? How about a tuna sandwich? Nori sheets are a great alternative to traditional wraps or bread. Made from dried seaweed, nori sheets are low in carbs, high in nutrition, and have a unique umami flavor.

My Low-Carb Sushi Wraps recipe uses nori sheets for a delicious low-carb version of your favorite sushi rolls. You can also use nori sheets to make wraps or sandwiches, and it’s especially tasty with a tuna salad  and my spicy garlic shrimp! 

6. Egg Wraps

Egg wraps are a popular alternative to traditional wraps or tortillas. Made with just eggs and seasonings, they are naturally low in carbs and high in protein. Plus, they’re gluten-free!

Using egg wraps is a great way to add more protein to your meals and switch up the texture of your wraps. You can swap them for tortillas in breakfast burritos, lunch wraps, or even dinner enchiladas. And don’t be afraid to get creative with the seasonings – try adding herbs and spices for a burst of flavor.

My go-to brands for egg wraps are Crepini and Egglife. They both have zero carbs, offer a variety of flavors, and are available at most major grocery stores.

7. Low-Carb Pita Bread

As someone with Persian roots, pita bread is a must-have in my kitchen. But sadly, traditional pita bread is high in carbs and not suitable for a low-carb lifestyle. That’s why I was thrilled to discover low-carb pita bread options!

Brands like Joseph’s Bakery and Outer Aisle offer low-carb pita bread made with alternative flours like almond and coconut. They have a similar texture and taste to traditional pita bread but with significantly fewer carbs.

Use low-carb pita bread for sandwiches, gyros, or even as a base for mini pizzas. I love to use them for my Low-Carb Beef Kofta Wrap. Have fun and get creative with it!

Kofta wrap on a striped plate over a cutting board.


Which types of bread are keto-friendly?

There are many kinds of keto-friendly bread out there on the market, including almond flour bread, coconut flour bread, and flaxseed bread. It’s important to check the nutrition label to ensure the bread fits within your daily carb limit. My personal favorite brands are Base Culture and Keto Arnold bread.

Is sourdough bread low-carb?

It depends. While it is certainly lower in carbs than white bread, sourdough bread still isn’t keto-friendly. It is made from three simple ingredients: flour, water, and salt. The fermentation process gives sourdough its tangy flavor and helps break down some of the carbohydrates into simpler sugars, making it a better option than traditional bread.

However, this only applies to real sourdough, and many breads labeled “sourdough” at the store are not truly sourdough breads. If you’re concerned about your blood sugar, I recommend using a glucose monitor to check how real sourdough affects you. 

Can you eat Ezekiel bread on keto?

No, Ezekiel bread is not keto-friendly. It is made from sprouted grains and legumes, which may be healthier than traditional bread but still contain a significant amount of carbs.

One slice of Ezekiel bread can have up to 15 grams of net carbs, making it too high for most people following a keto diet. However, if you’re more inclined to follow a low-carb lifestyle and this fits within your daily goal for your total carb intake, go for it!

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