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Headshot of Arash Hashemi of Shred Happens.

I am a self-taught cook who enjoys bold flavors, whole foods, and simplicity in the kitchen. My goal is to provide you with low-carb and healthy recipes that are easy and exciting.

My journey into food and recipe development began in 2017 when I found myself out of shape and my health slipping.  Despite a lifetime of cycling through restrictive diets and weight loss resolutions– all of which failed to provide the long-term success I was hoping for– I started my low-carb journey and launched an Instagram account (@ShredHappens) to chronicle my recipes and weight loss. 

That little Instagram account quickly turned into a growing online community that not only helped me transform my health, but allowed me to focus solely on what I love: creating and sharing healthy recipes, often with a Mediterranean or Middle Eastern spin that reflects my Iranian roots. 

Since then, I have lost over 100 pounds. But I gained confidence in the kitchen and with my health. I also launched Kaizen Food Company in my effort to develop the best-tasting, low-carb and high-protein pasta and rice that anyone can enjoy!

My belief is that healthy eating doesn’t have to taste like a compromise. I hope to encourage and inspire you in the kitchen and make healthy eating delicious and easy. 

Thank you for being here!