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100+ recipes featuring simple, approachable, delicious low carb dishes you'll actually want to eat. I also share my 100-lb weight loss journey, kitchen tips and tricks, and of course — lots of photos!

Hi! I’m Arash. I lost over 100 lbs eating low carb (and high flavor).

I’ve helped over 5 million people find joy in their low carb journey with hundreds of recipes, a line of low carb pasta, and so much more.

But in 2017, I found myself obese and out of shape. For two decades, I had set out to lose weight and failed. Usually after the first 5, 10, 20 pounds, I would crave the foods I felt deprived from, jump back into his old habits and eventually gain back all the weight, then some. A switch finally flipped and I realized I didn’t have to deprive myself, I just had to focus on eating healthier versions of my favorite foods (pasta and rice especially).